The Book of Hebrews – God’s Perfect Plan

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“And no one can become a high priest simply because he wants such an honor. He must be called by God for this work, just as Aaron was. That is why Christ did not honor himself by assuming he could become High Priest. No, he was chosen by God, who said to him, “You are my Son. Today I have become your Father.” And in another passage God said to him, “You are a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek.” Hebrews 5:4-6

The Book of Hebrews uses many scriptures and references from the Old Testament. If we don’t understand what God was doing in the Old Testament, we can never understand what is happening in the New Testament. God’s plan in the Old Testament with the high priest was to show us that we needed someone to be our mediator between Us and God. As humans, we are not able to go before the throne of God. This was God’s plan when He appointed Aaron the first high priest. The high priest was to be our mediator. The problem was that Aaron’s line of priests could not last forever. The problem of death would end each high priest and the office that he held. The other problem was that he was human and he was a sinner just like the people that he was taking before God’s throne. He had to be Forgiven for his sins also. Just like God always does He had the perfect plan worked out. From the very start of the priest ministry, God knew He was going to send us the perfect high priest. He was going to send us a high priest that would never die and one that never had sinned. This priest was in the order of Melchizedek that would be forever. (More on Melchizedek in later devotions.)  In God’s perfect plan, God prepared us to accept Jesus Christ as our Perfect High Priest. Isn’t it wonderful that God always knows what to do and how to prepare us for what He has planned?  To God be the Glory!

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